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Welcome to Cloaked Investigation a full services Private Investigation Firm Located in California. Our service locations are throughout Southern California. Furthermore, we conduct array of private investigation services in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

Our main location office is in Huntington Beach, Orange County. Discreet and reliable investigative services. Local Private Investigator experienced surveillance experts.

Cloaked Private Investigators offer special surveillance packages in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Seal Beach and Orange County. Local Private Investigators in Orange County can start an investigation immediately.

Locations: Orange County, Los Angeles County & Ventura County – Free Consultation 855.665.2457

Most of all Cloaked PI Detectives are professionals with years of experience in surveillance, undercover assignments, background investigations with the ability to adapt and improvise at a moments notice.

In addition, Cloaked Private Investigators are experienced in the up most practices. Cloaked Investigators have the skills needed to complete their assignments. Furthermore, we provide a wide range of investigative services, especially to private citizens, attorneys and companies. In addition, the private detectives on our team are experts in their fields. Contact Us.

Cloaked Private Investigators services many locations in California. In addition, our private investigators will travel to any location for any assignment. Therefore, our fees very depending on the assignment and location. Most of all, we offer flat rate services for investigations. Our investigations package include stage by stage investigation to be cost effective. So, Cloaked Investigation is flexible on hourly rates and travel.

So, when hiring a private investigator in your location, make sure the company is licensed with Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS). Finally, be cautious on who you hire. To verify a licensed Private Investigator.

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