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Looking for a Private Investigator Los Angeles County? Need an Investigation started in Los Angeles County? Or are you just not sure what type of investigation you need.

Private Investigator Los Angeles CountyCloaked Private Investigator Los Angeles County agents, are skilled in assessing situations and the types of investigations that is needed for positive results. Call us for free consultation!

Cloaked Investigation offers Private Investigator in Los Angeles County that can handle all forms of investigations; Criminal Defense, Surveillance Investigators, Background Investigation, Lifestyle Investigation, Family Law and Civil Litigation.

Our Private Investigators in Los Angeles County provide: live updates, reports, expert witness testimony, pictures and video evidence. Also, we can search DMV records to obtain information in hit and run cases. Our investigators in Los Angeles County use multiple databases to search for records. We offer hourly and flat rate investigation services.

Maybe, you need a Private Investigator to conduct surveillance on an individual, Cloaked Investigations offers different surveillance packages tailored to your specific needs. We can help identify the facts or if someone is living a double life. Our investigators will provide you reports, live updates, photos and or videos.

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Furthermore, we can conduct rolling surveillance in vehicles, foot surveillance and do spot checks on locations/properties. Especially, experienced in Lifestyle and background Investigations.

Cloaked Private Investigator Los Angeles County can perform background investigations non-field work for a flat rate. As a result, we use multiple data bases and cross reference information only available to licensed private investigators.

In Addition, Cloaked Investigation’s Private Investigator Los Angeles County offers executive protection when you open a case with us. Hire us for any type of investigation and also, we can provide armed executive protection agents to keep you safe.

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