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Criminal Defense Investigations, private investigators specializing in crimes. Accused of a crime? We can help with your Criminal Investigation.

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Defense Investigative Services

Our defense investigators have experience in Federal and State Courts. In addition, we examine all evidence against you. Our job as criminal defense investigators are to scrutinize the District Attorney’s case.

Also, we will review existing evidence and look for new evidence, Interview witnesses both disclosed and undisclosed in the case discovery, find discrepancies and/or errors in law enforcement reports.

Criminal Defense Investigation Services

Most of all, uncover weaknesses and provide exculpatory facts that may vindicate the accused.

We strive on having common sense and actual field experience when conducting defense investigations.

Recently been arrested or being held in County Jail. Call for a free consultation 855.665.2457.

Criminal Defense Investigator
Defense Investigations

So, Cloaked Private Investigation provides professional and experienced investigators that know criminal defense. Furthermore, we investigate cases in Orange County, Riverside County & San Bernardino County. Felony or misdemeanor.

In conclusion Our investigators gained their experience working criminal investigation cases for (CJA) Criminal Justice Act. Over 11000+ hours of criminal investigation experience.

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Furthermore, we handle cases in Fraud, Conspiracy, RICO, Narcotics, Murder, Embezzlement and major felony cases. Contact us today.

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