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Workers Comp Investigators provide live updates, videos, photos and interview services. Cloaked PI services are used by attorneys & private companies. Workers Comp fraud have many moving parts. And can have many hands. Moreover, be suspicious and cautious.

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Cloaked PI Investigates all Workers Comp Claims. No case is too small or large. In addition, we will provide a full tailored investigation to minimize the damages resulting from the phony claim. Some claims are over exaggerated. And taken advantage.

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Our Workers Comp Investigators are experienced in surveillance. Capturing the necessary evidence needed to successfully minimize the damage. Some claims are real; however, many individuals take advantage of the system. These claims are corrupt by nature, from attorneys to doctors. Attorneys providing their “doctor hook up” to increase medical billing. And these doctors increasing fees to negotiate smaller medical payout at the end. In conclusion, employers watch out! The California system is against you. 

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These two photos illustrate a fraudulent Workers Comp claim. Firstly, this individual was moving vehicles in the morning prior to his “Doctors” appointment (1st photo). Furthermore, this subject was turning his neck, bending and was moving around freely. 

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Secondly, arriving at the “doctors” with neck brace claiming neurological damage (2nd photo). Many “doctors” and “attorneys” are complicit, the bigger the claim the more money divided. Not all “doctors” and attorneys” are bad. However, be aware and watch for red flags. Workers Comp fraud is big business and lots of money gets paid every year.

Therefore, Cloaked PI will provide its clients live updates, photos and videos. All included in our services to you. Contact an Investigator to set up free consultation. We offer competitive pricing. In conclusion, following up explanation with practices is key to mastering a skill.

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